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Florist Friends


Looking for someone to turn our local, seasonal flowers into incredible custom creations? These wonderful businesses carry our flowers, and support our growers through their annual Florist Memberships.

*Please note Florists must be contacted directly for custom orders. The market does not process florist orders.

prairie girl flowers (Calgary)

prairie girl flowers is the creation of Becky Feasby. Becky is a passionate gardener-florist who creates natural arrangements centred on the vibrant colours and textures that make up life here on the Prairies. 

We take great care in selecting materials for our florals and use as many locally sourced products as possible, in an effort to reduce waste and cut back on the use of plants and flowers that need to travel long distances to reach us in Calgary. We are dedicated to the seasonal flower movement and love collaborating with farmers, growers and creatives in our community

Becky completed her gardening and landscape design training in New York, Calgary and Chicago and completed the Floral Design program at Mount Royal University.  She has also completed workshop training with many incredible, innovative florists and growers who support the foam free and Slow Flowers movements.  


Funky Petals (Lethbridge)

Whenever we order flowers, we will always consider the staples: the stems and blooms that always have a place in peoples hearts because they are familiar and have developed association to sentiment in that sense. But we also think of the idealistic setting -- the kind that makes you want to buy flowers in the first place! Summer and spring in a vase. That kind of fresh feeling you get when you've got a sweet vase of delicate poppies or ranunculus on the table, or a few sprigs of lavender and lilac. It breathes life into your home and heart! Because we think that's what flowers, ultimately, do. Remind you of the simple things, to take a breath, to re-open your eyes and heart to the beauty of what we often take for granted in our minute by minute, second by second days; to show someone your affection and care, or to show yourself some TLC.


Years of being in this profession, the one thing we always hear time and time again is, "Why buy flowers -- they don't last." But neither does a gourmet cup of coffee. Or a night out on the town. It's what those perishable goods bring -- not a forever aspect in the material, there it is, sitting on my shelf gathering dust, sense. Flowers nourish us, they bring us back to centre. Not to sound hokey, but they do! They nourish us in a more profound way, just like that intimate dinner with friends, family and spouses, and that comforting hot beverage that feels like a treat or pick me up. All of those things bring spiritual reward and replenishment, if you will. And with how busy we all get, and how out of tune we can all get with our day to day pressures and responsibilities, its those things that are vital to our well being and that keep us going -- whether its small or big, it still feeds what's most precious to all of us. Heart and soul food!


That being said, we are Funky Petals. We are a flower shop, and we celebrate all the things that flowers can embody -- feelings, hopes, desires. But beyond that? We want to help you celebrate the beauty in all things, and your well-being -- we are all wandering, living, breathing, wonders! So, fellow wonder, get yourself a treat. Make some plans with loved ones. Fill up, folks. Fill right up. And when you need some flowers, we've got you covered.


Our Florist Friends receive wholesale pricing on all our local flowers. Learn more about Florist Memberships.