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We Support Local Florists

Floristry is a service we respect and admire. Working with local florists, we want to help build an industry that better understands sustainability and seasonality.

Florists who practice foam-free, seasonal design and other sustainable methods are invited to apply to become members of our Florist Friends program. This program gives Florist Members access to the widest variety of seasonal, local, ethically grown blooms at our wholesale prices. Florist members will also be featured on our public Florist Friends page, which will redirect customers coming to us for seasonal floral work straight to your businesses. We don't do custom work, but we'd LOVE to tell everyone you do!

Our Florist Friends memberships are annual, and Florist Members will be given access to our "members only" online wholesale ordering platform, which we'll update with fresh flowers weekly. All of our blooms are first come, first serve, and new flowers will be added to the online ordering platform according a set schedule. Florists simply click and buy, and can either pick blooms up from our market, or may select delivery. Delivery fees are $20 per order, or see our "Standard Plus" membership option re: our annual flat delivery rate.

Our Florist Friends Memberships:

Standard: $150/year 
This includes access to our "members only" online wholesale ordering platform, plus having your business featured on our public Florist Friends referral page. 

Standard Plus: $400/year
We will no longer be offering the Standard Plus Membership for 2019. Stay tuned for annual flat rate options in 2020 though!

Florist Friends Criteria:


Like any sort of friendship, the best ones work between those with similar ideas and interests. We understand seasonal flowers don't work for everyone, but they're what we're all about! We favour florists who:

- Are enthusiastic and vocal about sustainable, seasonal flowers.

- Avoid use of floral foam and excessive plastics.

- Aspire to designs and aesthetics that embrace the seasons.

- Are community-minded and collaborative friendly.

Apply to be a Florist Friend!