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We Support Alberta Growers

Whether you're a casual gardener looking to make some extra income, an urban grower turning a backyard into a productive paradise, or a small scale farmer looking to add a revenue stream to your growing season, we're here to support you.

The Alberta Growers' Flower Market offers a reliable, affordable sales stream to our Grower Members. Our aim is to make life easier for you, allowing growers to GROW, while we handle marketing, staffing, and sales. Our Grower Members are not required to vend or volunteer staffing hours, they simply deliver their flowers within the market's intake timeframe, the Flower Market Manager inventories their blooms, the sale is made, and the growers are free to go (and grow)!

Beginning in the 2019 season, we will feature all of our members, both growers and florists, on our website, social media, and through our ongoing marketing, highlighting all the wonderful work being done to fill Alberta with natural beauty.


We support sustainable growing practices. We care about the earth, we love bees, and we want beautiful futures for our children. We ask all growers to describe their growing practices upon membership application, and we favour those who utilize organic and earth-friendly methods. 

Throughout the year, we buy cut flowers, long-stemmed herbs and other foliage, woodies, holiday branches, dried blooms, and holiday trees. Growers are welcome to grow multiple crops (ie: annuals, woodies & dried) or choose a niche (seeds only, dried only, wreaths only, etc), whatever works for you!


We also share who's growing what among our Grower Members at the beginning of the season, so members may coordinate crops if they choose!


New Memberships are accepted at the beginning of each growing season, however in our first year, membership applications are open from May 6th to June 30th.


Grower Memberships:

*IMPORTANT NOTE* In our market's first year, we will allow growers to start with a "Casual" membership, which they may "level up" to "Fairly Serious" or higher if their sales exceed the threshold of the Casual Membership. This offer is available until June 30th, 2019. Beginning in the 2020 season, "levelling up" will be discontinued, and growers will be asked to select one membership for the year.


Casual: $250/year. This is the ideal membership for a new grower. This low-commitment, affordable fee allows growers to sell a maximum of $5000 worth of blooms to the market in one year.


Fairly Serious: $500/year. This membership is for growers looking to make a bit more of a side revenue for themselves, and whose operations are slightly more established. This membership fee allows growers to sell a maximum of $10 000 worth of blooms to the market in one year.


Quite Serious: $1000/year. So serious! This membership is for more established or ambitious growers who farm flowers as a full-time pursuit (or wish to!). This membership fee allows growers to sell a maximum of $50 000 worth of blooms to the market in one year.

*NOTE: Growers are not under obligation to sell the maximum value of flowers described in their membership level, it is simply the maximum amount they may sell in a year. If a "Quite Serious" Grower Member only ends up selling $12 000 worth of blooms to the market in a year, there is no penalty. However membership fees are non-refundable, whole or in part.


Benefits (enjoyed by all members):

- A reliable, affordable sales stream.

- Fair market prices.

- Regular features via our marketing, social media, and website.

- No weekend labour costs for market sales.

- Connecting with other growers, sharing knowledge and building community.

- Less pressure to "grow it all". Grow what you like! Talk to other growers to see what they're growing!

- Hassle-free distribution to florists and DIY event planners.

- Grower-florist members are granted access to our wholesale flower prices.

Grower Member Criteria:

The Alberta Growers' Flower Market favours growers who:


- Are located IN ALBERTA
(Alberta growers from further North, please see our Opportunity page for expansion possibilities)

- Have demonstrable experience growing cut flowers.

- Have a registered Trade Number or Business Number.

- Implement organic, natural, and sustainable growing methods.

- Are considered SMALL SCALE. We're here for the little guys! We typically consider 5 acres of growing space or less "small scale".

- Can demonstrate they have attended courses, workshops, or classes on cut flower growing, harvesting, and after care, OR are willing to attend our free, members-only classes on harvesting and after care.

Interested growers are invited to apply via our Grower Member Application Form. We will be in touch following application submission to either ask more questions about your cut flower ambitions, or complete the application process via payment and contract* signing.

*Our contracts are standard agreements that confirm growers understand their memberships and are committed to working with us. Grower Members are welcome to pursue other sales streams for their blooms while maintaining memberships with the market (ie: local CSAs, workshops, farmer's markets, floristry), however we do not allow direct undercutting (ie: selling discounted blooms to our market's florists, clients, or partners directly) or other behaviour we deem contrary to supporting the cut flower community. We ask that our Members respect the work we take on to market their blooms, support their businesses, and build a stronger local economy.