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226066 112 St West, Foothills No 31


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Building Community, Building Opportunity

We want to make growing and selling cut flowers easier for growers across Alberta, not just within our limited region. Are you a grower eager to bring The Alberta Growers' Cut Flower Market to your city or town? Send us a note! We have big plans for expanding beyond Southern Alberta, and would love to hear from you.


We are currently hiring for the following position(s):

 The Alberta Growers' Flower Market, 226066 112 Street West, Foothills No. 31 (same site as Granary Road)

Hours: 40hrs/week, Full Time

Tuesday to Saturday, 9am to 5pm

Wage: $30/hr

Start Date: July 30th, 2019

Benefits to start 2020

Application deadline: Monday, July 22nd, 2019

About the Market


The Alberta Growers' Flower Market (AGFM) provides farm fresh, Alberta-grown cut blooms to florists and flower lovers in and around Calgary. We support small scale, Alberta growers who practice sustainable, organic, and earth-friendly growing methods. We educate our customers on how to keep their flowers fresh in the vase for as long as possible, and we embrace the fact that nothing gold can stay. We want to help flower lovers understand their flowers; where they come from, how they're grown, and how they reflect the unique beauty of Alberta's seasons.


Job Overview


Our Flower Market Manager will be responsible for handling all Grower Member accounts, including intake of flowers, filing invoices, and maintaining clear correspondence with growers. They will also ensure consistent freshness of flowers, proper handling and care, and will oversee bouquet making and dried flower processing. 


Working directly with our owner, our Marketing and Communications Coordinator, our Sales and Delivery staff, and our accountant, they will ensure processes flow smoothly and our product is well represented. They will field general inquiries, work with our team to vision and implement strategies, events, and campaigns for the market, and manage staff schedules.


Responsibilities and Duties


  • Manage Grower Member accounts; intake flowers throughout the week, update price lists, set new prices for local product, file invoices, and communicate clearly and consistently with our growers.

  • Manage Florist Member accounts; update prices lists, ensure processes run smoothly.

  • Proper handling and care of all flowers and product.

  • Process and store dried blooms, rotate dried product hanging in market.

  • Create hundreds of mixed market bouquets weekly. NOTE: we do note take custom orders, our market bouquets are made “assembly line” style with other staff.

  • Organize files and keeping records of all invoices, receipts, etc.

  • Manage staff schedules.

  • Field general inquires and represent the market in a professional manner.

  • Occasionally host workshops, if comfortable.

  • Work with our team to vision and implement strategies, events, and campaigns for the market.




  • Minimum three years working in the floral industry, with a mix of wholesale and retail experience.

  • Horticultural and floricultural knowledge of flowering species in Alberta, both native and domestic.

  • Gardening and growing experience.

  • Organized, punctual, responsible.

  • Eager for new challenges, adaptable, overall positive attitude.

  • Able to lead with fairness, patience, understanding and equity. 


To Apply


Please send a cover letter (max one page) and resume to AGFM Owner, Sarah Adams, at before Monday, July 22nd.

While we appreciate all applications, we will only reply to those selected for interview. Thank you!