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Our market is 100% supplied by these passionate Alberta growers. We couldn't be more proud!

Windflower Farm

Windflower Farm is a one-woman, urban farming operation run by myself, Kelly Neufeld (with "help" provided by my 2 year old daughter). I have a quarter-acre plot in NE Calgary where I grow a mix of cut flowers. Growing flowers in the city is a unique and exciting opportunity. Many of the neighbours in my area stop by to chat flowers or even help me work for a bit. It's been fun getting to know my farm's neighbours and increasing visibility for local flowers. 


I grew up on a grain farm in Manitoba with a large vegetable garden, so gardening has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. It wasn't until I was a university student in Toronto that I began volunteering with community gardens and at an urban farm, and really discovered my love of gardening. Cut flowers in particular interested me because of the opportunity to grow many interesting blooms I couldn't find in stores and because I liked the creative outlet of floral design. One of my favourite things about growing flowers is seeing the joy on someone's face when they pick up a bouquet of fresh, seasonal blooms. This will be my second year growing flowers for market and I'm excited to be part of the Alberta Flower Growers Market! 


Threeview Farms

Josh and Sarah Umscheid


We live in Vulcan County, surrounded by wide open skies and breathtaking views. We were both raised in the County and met on a Junior High camping trip!  Twenty-five years later (yikes!), we have three beautiful daughters, Neve (10), Elle (7) and Ayla (3), and are lucky enough to be able to raise them on Sarah's family farm. We are also fortunate enough to be able to farm with and learn from my parents, Gordon and Joyce Roe, they are our Google! While our main focus is conventional dryland farming, we are always open to diversification in an ever-changing farming market. Growing flowers for a market was never something we considered until we met our new neighbour Sarah Adams (yes, she’s incredibly inspiring), and the idea of being able to expand our knowledge of plants and growing practices while growing something beautiful was incredibly intriguing.  We currently grow cereals, oil seeds and pulses on land by Vulcan, Milo and Arrowwood. All of our flowers are grown on our homeplace by Vulcan and we are able to forage native species on our land near Arrowwood.


Like many farm families around us, family is at the heart of everything we do. We cherish the lifestyle and closeness that farming provides. We look forward to meals in the field, digging in the garden, rides in the combine and love being at the center of where family gathers. Being a part of the Alberta Growers’ Flower Market allows our family to grow in a new way and we look forward to a new adventure!


Little Green Leaf Micro Farm

Little Green Leaf is a family owned and operated urban microfarm in Strathmore, Alberta. On just a tenth of an acre, we pride ourselves on maximizing every inch available, growing our food and blooms in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.


While this is our first official season of growing cut flowers, we’ve been growing microgreens, food, herb and flower baskets for our friends and customers for a few years. As we grow and evolve with our microfarm, we feel so blessed to be surrounded by some amazing Albertan flower farms, run by some seriously awesome women. What a privilege to learn from such skilled people and farm-hers.


This year our blooms will be solely available to The Alberta Growers’ Flower Market and we couldn’t be more proud! We deeply love how this market is bringing a tribe of likeminded growers together, to supply our fellow Albertans and businesses with gorgeous chemical free, safe to sniff, LOCALLY GROWN blooms. We can’t wait to show Alberta what we, collectively, can do.


Field & Canvas

Bio coming soon!


Forage & Design

Forage + Design's studio is nestled within the city of Calgary, AB and was founded in the spring of 2016.

While Forest Art has been the focus of Heidi's main artistic ambitions; her other great passion of creating is her outdoor garden studio. She sneaks out whenever possible to the gardens which have been in progress for 4 years. The dedication, expression and beauty guides onlookers into a story in itself.


Usually followed closely are Heidi's two adorable pups who are trained to stay on the paths but might nibble an ornamental grass or two.


Walk past the shade gardens lush with ferns, hostas and a rather large rhubarb plant leading into open sunny spaces of carefully tended romantic, and fragrant heirloom flowers, foliage and vines. The sweet little potting shed is full of aromatic herbs while succulents hang off the roof.


A few of Heidi's favourite flowers are vintage inspired and old fashioned species in unusual colours and textures. Bearded iris, peonies, zinnias, sunflowers, sweet peas, butterfly snapdragons and dramatic amaranthus to name only a few.

The gardens are an extension of the studio while the studio compliments the gardens. the marriage of fresh flowers and preserved forest elements are the foundation and inspiration of bringing beauty to our clients.


Forage + Design's growing criteria focuses on implementing organic and sustainable practises from garden to client. The flowers are grown in Heidi's outdoor garden studio. No excessive fuel is used when supplying fresh flowers to local clients which support our goal of being conscious and kind to the environment.


Each bouquet of flowers or bucket of blooms is bursting with vibrant colour inspired by the seasons.