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The Alberta Growers' Flower Market provides farm fresh, Alberta-grown cut blooms to florists and flower lovers in and around Calgary. Ultimately, we hope to support and supply growers and flower folk throughout Alberta. See our Opportunity page for more info!


We support small scale, Alberta growers who practice sustainable, organic, and earth-friendly growing methods. We educate our customers on how to keep their flowers fresh in the vase for as long as possible, and we embrace the fact that nothing gold can stay.


We want to help you understand your flowers; where they come from, how they're grown, and how they reflect the unique beauty of Alberta's seasons. Throughout the year, we will include detailed information on every variety we sell.

Seasonally, we offer:

Wholesale Blooms

Through our Florist Friends program, florists may apply to become market members and receive wholesale prices on all our locally grown blooms. Flower availability is updated weekly, along with photos, prices, and further details. All flowers are purchased through our "Members Only" florist portal, and delivery is available to florists within Calgary's city limits. All of our Florist Friends will also be added to our Referral Page, where we will feature their businesses and send customers looking for custom arrangement work. Visit our Florist Friends page for more information.  


Mixed Bouquets

Throughout the growing season (May to October), we create fresh mixed bouquets that embody Alberta's seasonal beauty. We do not take custom orders (we pass those to our Florist Friends!) but for anyone looking for gorgeous grab-and-go bouquets filled with farm fresh lovelies, we've got you covered!

Starting July 2nd, seasonal Mixed Bouquets will be offered in "small", "medium" and "large" sizes, and prices will vary from $25 per bouquet to $75 per bouquet. Delivery will be available within Calgary limits and within the range indicated by our map, and our in-store market will be stocked daily with gorgeous mixes starting July 6th!


Retail Bulk Blooms

Sometimes you just need an armful of sunflowers, or laceflower, or dahlias! We know not everyone can be a florist, but still might enjoy a bunch of bulk beauties for their dinner party or DIY event. Our gorgeous bulk blooms will be available in-store starting July 6th.


Dried Flowers and Dried Petal Products

Yes, we have a short growing season, but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy locally grown blooms all year long! Dried flowers aren't just for 90s grandmas anymore, and we put a lot of effort into drying, preserving, and storing flowers throughout the growing season, so when winter comes, we can still offer beautiful, sustainable local flowers. Dried flower sales begin in November, and carry on until April. To access wholesale prices for our dried product, become a Crafter Member! Crafter memberships open October 2019.

Fresh Foliage

Nothing makes flower shine brighter than gorgeous greens, silvers, browns, reds, and golds. We have those too! Starting July 6th, wholesale and retail foliage will be available in bunches and bundles to our Florist Friends and flower loving customers.


Ornamental Woodies and Branches

Cherry blossoms, lilacs, willows, evergreen boughs... Alberta is growing them! Starting July 6th, florists and customers will find a wonderful variety of woodies and branches available via our wholesale and retail channels, both online and in-store.


Holiday Wreaths and Trees

Of course! From October to December we'll be well-stocked with wonderful Alberta-grown supplies for wreaths and holiday trees, both wholesale and retail, in-store and online. Yay for the holidays!

Are you an Alberta gardener or farmer interested in supplying any of the above? Visit our Growers page for more information on Grower Memberships!

It's all happening!